Apple Watch Series 8 Review

It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for…. After much eager anticipation, the Apple Watch 8 has finally arrived!  And, whilst the finished product should probably be deemed as more of a small tweak than a huge update on the Watch 7, its still a decent upgrade and a brilliant offering from Apple.

Design-wise, there’s no change from Apple’s previous iterations.  In fact, apart from its slightly larger size, the Watch 8 is pretty much identical to the very first Apple watch.  So, if you’re looking for a revolutionary new design, then it’s best to look elsewhere.  However, when Apple have produced such a stylish, classic, comfortable design formula, then what’s the harm in sticking to it?!  Plus, the Watch 8 is available in a range of stylish new colours, for those craving a bit of a change from the standard look.

The OLED screen is as clear, crisp and bright as we’ve come to expect from Apple.  And its satisfyingly responsive and user-friendly too.  The helpful always-on display, which shows basic information when dormant and gives screen illumination at the raise of a wrist are the smooth, quality touches we’ve come to appreciate from the Apple range.

Although there have been no note-worthy adjustments to the exterior, changes are to be found inside the Watch 8 – For starters, there’s a new temperature sensor for gauging your body’s heat.  This is particularly useful for menstruation and ovulation tracking.  It’s also a handy aid for detecting how your body is reacting to an illness, or to jetlag, for example.  The sensor is very precise and great for family planning, or for checking your body’s response to specific factors.

Another new addition is car crash detection.  This is designed to detect severe car crashes, then sound an alarm, whilst also displaying an alert on your watch or your iPhone.  The alert will be read out in case you are unable to read the screen and the screen will display an emergency call slider, so you can call the emergency services from your watch or iPhone.  It’s a great health and safety innovation and will certainly provide peace of mind to the wearer.

New software has also been incorporated, with some added updates which work extremely well.  There are some superb fitness features, particularly the interval training.  I was also a big fan of the heart rate zones monitoring, which was an insightful way of accessing my data.

Thankfully, the Watch 8 has retained all the usual health features of previous Apple models.  So, you can expect to find atrial fibrillation detection, blood oxygen monitoring and an ECG, to name but a few.  All of which are geared to notify you of any anomalies, health-wise.

The GPS and heart rate monitoring were consistently pinpoint accurate and precise in testing.  But I’m sure you’d expect nothing less when it comes to an Apple device!

I found the Watch 8 was perfect for music streaming on the go, making it a brilliant accompaniment for a run, or outdoor workout. 

A minor grumble is the battery life, which leaves a bit to be desired.  Depending on the features and settings used, you’re likely to need to charge it daily, even if only for a quick top-up.  It’s not bad, but there are other watches out there with a much longer battery life, so it would be a bonus if improvements were made.

So, although the Watch 8 is unlikely to rock your world with a plethora of upgrades and innovations, the handful you do get are undoubtedly well done and useful.  And with all the usual Apple best bits we’ve come to know and love thrown into the mix, that’s good enough for me!

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