Are you part of Apple Inc?

Please note we are not part of Apple, nor do we sell 'official' Apple products.

However, we believe our products are of equal if not higher quality, and also provided at a price which best suits our customers.

Will your straps fit my watch?

If you own an Apple Watch, then the answer is a resounding yes! All our straps come 38mm, 40mm, 41mm, 42mm, 44mm, 45mm & 49mm sizes. Simply check the back of your Apple Watch to see what size it is before ordering your strap from us.

Are they easy to fit?

All our straps feature ‘quick release’ technology. This means you can easily attach and remove our straps without any need for professional help.

What are your watch straps made of?

We provide straps that have been made using materials of the very highest quality. For example, our leather straps are made using 100% top grain leather, and our metal straps are made using premium 316L stainless steel. We work with an ethical supplier who sources their materials from reputable sources, and the straps are designed and built with longevity in mind.

Your pricing is very reasonable. What's the catch?

No catch at all. We are able to charge the prices we charge (which include taxes and free shipping) as we are a 'direct to consumer' brand. We have a limited supply chain, thus limited additional costs to incur, so we are delighted to pass the savings onto you.

Quality means everything to us. For example, we only source leather straps which are made from 100% top grain leather, and all of our steel straps are made using the most premium of quality 316L stainless steel. You can enjoy a same (if not better) level of quality as official Apple straps without paying hundreds of pounds to Apple for the privilege.

Where do you ship your products?

We are delighted to offer FREE tracked shipping to most countries around the world.

What happens when I order my watch strap?

As your watch strap is made to order, we usually ship within 1 – 3 working days. Once shipped, you will receive an email with information on how to track your order. From the point you order from us to when your strap arrives, this usually takes 4 – 9 working days.

You will be able to track your order on the Parcel App website (, and Ruth in our customer support team will be delighted to assist with any questions. She can be contacted by clicking here.

Do you really donate to Whale and Dolphin Conservation?

From 24th April 2021, we will be donating 25% of the net profit of each sale to Whale and Dolphin Conservation. The process is automated, so when you pay for your strap the donation is put in a holding account with Pledge, before being sent on directly to Whale and Dolphin Conservation on a monthly basis.

Despite our line of business, we believe strongly in conservation which is why we've made the decision to donate. You can read more about why by clicking here.

I am not happy with my purchase. What are my options?

In the unlikely scenario you're not happy with your order, for whatever reason, we will provide a full refund as long as you're able to let us know within 14 working days of your order arriving. We will always endeavour to put things right so we can meet your needs.